Toni B.

Intuitive . Energy Healer . Shamanic Guide

What I Do

Distant Intuitive Readings and Energy Healing Sessions including Touching the Light, Reiki, Crystal Healing and Spring Forest Qigong.

At this time I am offering my sessions to past clients and referrals.

 Distant Intuitive Readings

All Sessions are confidential


Distant Energy Healing

All Sessions are confidential

Who I Am

As a naturally gifted, professionally trained Intuitive, Healer and Shamanic Guide I’ve helped individuals for over 20+ years. I’ve guided people in opening their own intuitive gifts and helped them transform challenges into opportunities.

Together we’ve uncovered what was needed in order to create the quality of life they wanted and deserved.

My passion is to help people create joy, love, and to live a life empowerd.

At this time I am Seeing past clients and referrals only.

Note: Antonine (Toni) Baumgartner cannot provide you with all of the answers, speak for the Divine or foresee every aspect of your future. Our lives are shaped by the choices we make every day and clients are responsible for their choices.

Intuitive Readings, Hands-on-Healing including Karuna® Reiki, Crystal Healing, Access Bars® and Point-of-Origin are not meant to substitute for medical, psychological, diagnosis and treatment.


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