Beauty . Power . Peace

One cannot have a successful business career and at home have unhappy relationships because they are connected. Sooner or later one will fail because we are whole.

As a Master Seer and Certified Energy Worker, I help individuals and businesses discover the energetic blocks holding them back, then what to do in order to create the quality of life and success they want and deserve.

What I Do


Personal Sessions

Helping individuals find the answers to their personal life experiences through Intuitive/Seer Readings.

Helping individuals feel more in control with Energy Healing Sessions that balance and realign Chakras.

Business Sessions

Helping companies find the answers to obstacles and growth with Business Intuitive Sessions that include an Initial Consultation, Intuitive/Seer Reading and a final Report of Findings.


Master Seer |  Certified Energy Worker

“To love, to create and to empower is my passion.”

Couples Quote

Simply The Best are the words we would use to describe Antonine’s (Toni’s) services!  With her vast knowledge and graciously kind personality wrapped under an umbrella of professionalism, Toni was able to guide us through our questions and took us beyond our scope of expectation with heart-felt guidance along with some pleasant unexpected surprises.  Much thanks Toni – your light is very special!”

Antonine cannot provide you with all of the answers, speak for the Divine or foresee every aspect of your future. Our lives are shaped by the choices we make every day and clients are responsible for their choices. Intuitive and Seer readings, Karuna Reiki and Crystal Healing are not meant to substitute for medical, psychological, diagnosis and treatment.

Master Seer |  Certified Energy Worker

Successful Branding Consultant