Toni B.

Intuitive . Energy Healer . Shamanic Guide

Who I Am

As a naturally gifted, professionally trained Intuitive, Healer and Shamanic Guide I’ve helped individuals and businesses discover the obstacles holding them back from the joy and success they desire for over 20 years. I’ve guided people in opening their own intuitive gifts and helped them transform challenges into opportunities.

Together we’ve uncovered what was needed in order to create the quality of life they wanted and deserved.

My purpose and passion in life is to create, to love, to empower.

What I Can Do For You

In-person Sessions @ Antonine B! Studio

Distance Sessions via cell, Zoom and FaceTime

Intuitive Readings

60-90 min. Session $200

All Sessions are confidential

Energy Healing

60-90 min. Session $200

All Sessions are confidential

Shamanic Guide

1+ year personal mentorship to awaken & master an individuals own unique intuitive gifts.

Training & Classes

Cost dependent upon depth of training


(320) 522-0813


301 N 11th Street
Olivia MN 56277

Appt. Hours

Mon :  430 – 830pm

Tues :  9am – 5pm

Wed 430 – 830pm

Thurs :  8am – 5pm