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Helping individuals and companies discover the answers


As a designer, I know the power of creative energy. Like drawing with a black permanent marker, the choices we make sometime affect us permanently. Untruths we accept, paths we take, beliefs we hold on to, impact ourselves, our health, and the people we love. Like art, our lifetime can be our greatest masterpiece or an unfinished dissapointment.

Life is the art of drawing without an eraser.

As a child I loved art, helping people find answers and connections. As a successful graphic designer, I used my gift of “knowing” to go deeper, bringing to the surface the essence of my client’s business or service. Visually bringing forth the very fabric and texture of their company is the sensual piece buyers want to experience.

Later, when my beloved PollyMom and sister Terri became ill, the desire to help them led me on an energy healing and mastery journey. In my quest to do the very best for my family, I studied and mastered numerous traditions. I also found that I could apply this mastery to my 25+ year business helping my clients be even more successful.

Creating and helping people is my passion.


1990 to Present    ASB Design Inc • Graphic Designer  |  Seer

            Continued Studies • Quantum Physics, Past Life Regression, Pyramid Healing

            Mind/Body Connection, Elements

2014+  Seer Mastery

2013    Intuitive Mentorship Training

2012    The Intuitive Apprenticeship Training

2011    Energy Worker – Certificate

            The Holistic Process

            The Tools of the Energy Trade

            Energy Anatomy: Channels

            Energy Anatomy:Fields

            Energy Anatomy: Centers

            Energy Healing

            Energy Work Practices

            Clairvoyance for Healing and Life Change

            Feng Shui

            Self Mastery Level 1, 2 & 3

“Helping individuals and companies discover their essence and release the energy holding them back is one of my greatest joys. To see my clients empowered, in full awareness and confident is priceless.”

2010    Peace Place – Crystal Healing Training

            Quantum Diamond • Manifesting & Healing

2009    Workplace Stress

2008    Registered Karuna® Reiki Master

            Science of Sound

2007    Usui Reiki Master

2006    Thai Yoga Massage

2005    Usui ART

2004    Usui Reiki – Level I, II

2003    Registered Hatha Yoga Teacher

2002    Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

1991    Hatha Yoga Training


Seer  |  Energy Intuitive  |  Master

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