Yellow Summer Solstice Food

I have been intrigued and studying the vibration of food since 1998 when I was diagnosed with “stress” for falling asleep while driving my children in our Jeep.

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Yin, Yang & Summer Solstice

As we know, everything in the Universe is energy vibrating at different levels. Energy takes two forms: Yin (female) and Yang (male). These two energies are in a constant state of transformation creating every thing in our Universe.

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5 minute Stress Meditation

During stressful times through out the day, our thoughts can reflect the fear and uncertainty we are encountering. This causes our mind and nervous system to react in heightened arousal

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Our Energy Bodies And Surgery

Client privacy is of utmost importance and I, like most professional energy workers, follow the strict guidelines of client/practitioner confidentiality. With permission, I’m sharing the following experiences

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B Healthy

Did you know bees have to visit millions of flowers before they can produce a pound of honey?

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What Do You Do

Upon meeting someone for the first time I am usually asked, “what do you do” in regards to my professional energy business. After giving my 30-second elevator speech I am usually met with a blank stare of disbelief or an uneasy silence.

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Chakra Stones And Crystals

Stones and crystals, gifts from Mother Earth, have had a rich history in sacred ceremonies, temples, churches and adornments. Chosen for their brilliance and energetic qualities, these gifts can help us navigate daily life by their unique healing powers.

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Pendulums have been used throughout time for a variety of purposes including bringing clarity to the beholder, finding water, checking Chakras and understanding health related issues. Pendulums can be as simple as a cotton string with a paperclip or as elaborate as precious gems and a gold chain.

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bYou Sensual Series

About the age of five we transition from a life of creative discovery using our senses into busy be’s. Behave, be a good student, be on time, be nice, be successful, be skinny, be in a relationship…the endless list makes us numb. As adults we basically purchase

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