Antonine B.  05.11.2018

12 Minute Yoga Practice

1. Roll out your mat.
2. Set your Cellphone Timer for 12* min. Start it.
3. Set your Interval Timer app on 1 min. (I use Clappy). Start it.
4. Go into Child’s Pose, bring awareness to your breath and begin.
5. Ask your body what asana it desires, listen and ease into the pose.
6. Repeat 11 times.
7. When Cell Timer sounds, gently stop the app.
8. When Interval Timer sounds, gently stop the app.
9. If you can, grab a couple minutes of peaceful Savasana.
10. Come to a standing position.
11. Bow to the four corners of the Earth in thankfulness.
12. Roll up your mat and seize the day.

*Add more time if you have it.