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Pendulum 102

Pendulum 102

A pendulum is a great way to help you decide if something is good or bad for you whether it be a prescription or food or to help you decide the truth of a personal situation

Pendulums 101

Pendulums 101

Pendulums have been used throughout time for a variety of purposes including bringing clarity to the beholder, finding water, checking Chakras and understanding health related issues. Pendulums can be as simple as a cotton string with a paperclip or as elaborate as precious gems and a gold chain.

Wensman Seed Company

Wensman Seed Company

Newly formed Wensman Seed Company was on the forefront of the fast developing seed genetic technology when they hired ASB Design Inc. to create their logo. Little did we know, it would develop into a 20+ year creative relationship

Thurston Genetics

ASB Design Inc. was hired by the founder of Thurston Genetics to create a logo and corporate branding for his growing company. We were told Thurston Genetics licenses new and unique corn inbreds/hybrids to retail seed companies.

RC Thomas Company

When we first met RC Thomas Company owner Rod, he was training seed sales reps across the United States. His success in the industry was unmatched unlike his support materials. Rod was a Rock Star in the seed selling business,

RC Hospital & Clinics

When independent RC Hospital purchased three privately owned clinics from one health organization, ASB Design Inc. was asked to create the new logo and branding. 1 + 1 = 1 was the theme we developed for the merger

Olivia MN

Through the years, the City of Olivia aka “The Corn Capital” was using a variety of mismatched icons. ASB Design Inc. was hired to create a new logo and branding that would have multiple applications from letterhead to the water tower

Olivia Liquor Store

Established in the 1960’s, Olivia Liquor Store hired ASB Design Inc. to create a fresh new branding look. Seeing the business, we knew the new logo would also spark changes to the interior of the establishment which needed

Negen Architects

The new, up and coming Negen Architectural firm contacted ASB Design Inc. about creating its branding. In our consultation we were told orange was the owners preferred color. We See the color orange as creative and youthful,

Revier Cattle Company

ASB Design was hired to re-create the existing Revier Cattle Company Rockin R icon into a logo and brand that could be used on a multitude of mediums, from semi doors to one-pound brick stickers.

Medallion Beef

Medallion Beef owner Tom Revier knows how to raise quality beef and the flavor of a five-star steak. Four generations of his family had been in the cattle business and he was now branching out under the Medallion name to provide high-end

Massage Therapy Business Mastery

Tanya’s Healing Hands had originally connected with ASB Design Inc. to create branding for her very successful massage and Yoga business. The business was located in a town of 1,300 residents so this made it quite a remarkable feat.


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