Business Session

Understanding the dynamics of your company

Every business emits energy that filters out to all aspects of the organization as a whole.

Finances, hires, longevity and the success of the business all resonate the core beliefs of the owner, partners or key people. Unrest at the top manifests into fear and lack of productivity farther down. Fear manifests into less than optimum potential and loss of profit.

Business Sessions include a private consultation with a client either in-person or distant and viewing of the company exploring all aspects of the organization. Later I share these findings with my client providing an overall vibration of the company. This can include but not limited to:

Growth  •  Finances  •  Real estate

Energetic health of the owner/key people

New products or services

Business Intuitive Reading

Call To Schedule A Consultation 320-523-2703


Includes: Initial Consultation


Intuitive Session of the Company


Report of Findings


All business sessions and readings are confidential. Depending on the complexity of the business and client’s requests, some sessions take additional time and the client will be charged.

Antonine cannot provide your business with all of the answers, speak for the Divine or foresee every aspect of your future. Companies are shaped by the choices management makes every day and clients are responsible for their choices and businesses success.


Successful Branding Consultant  |  Master Seer

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