Energy Healing

Enlightening . Restorative . Confidential

As a Professional Hands-on Healer for over 20 years, I use my intuition and a variety of modalities I am trained and certified in for Energy Healing. I love to help clients clear the physical, emotional, and spiritual blocks that may be causing them distress so they can create the lives they desire.

Energy Healing sessions are performed in-person at my Studio or distant as geographical location is not an obstacle. Depending on the needs of the individual or business a session may include Karuna Reiki, Chakra Clearing, Crystal Healing, Pyramid Chakra Healing, SF Qigong Healing or Access Bars.

To learn more about my extensive training and experience, please visit my About page. There you will find info and a link to my resume.

All Sessions are confidential and I DO NOT recommend discontinuing any present medical or professional treatment you are receiving.

In-person Energy Healing is performed at Antonine B! Design + Intuitive Wellness Studio in Olivia, MN.

Distant Energy Healing is scheduled at a convenient time. The session or results are done via cell or face-to-face with Zoom or Facetime.

Energy Healing Sessions

In-person or distance 60-90 minutes $200

See appointment times below and text (320) 522-0813 to schedule your time.


(320) 522-0813


301 N 11th Street

Olivia MN 56277

Appt. Hours

Mon : 430–830pm

Tues : 9am–5pm

Wed : 430–830pm

Thurs : 8am–5pm