Children’s Intuitive Gift Training

Unique . Intelligent . Special

Many intuitively gifted children have a challenge understanding and using their unique abilities. With our advanced technology system, work/life unbalance, and numerous other factors, many sensitive or empathetic children are picking up vibrations from a multitude of sources and unable to release them positively.

From my own personal experience, I’ve created a one year Children’s Intuitive Gift Training created specifically for each child’s unique type of gift. Training may include understanding all unique gifts, protection from vibrations, color energy, meeting their Angels and Guides, food vibrations, Elementals of nature and more. Parents will be included in deciding what they would like their child to learn about their gifts.

The personal year-long Children’s Intuitive Gift Training includes:

• A Monthly one hour session via Zoom or FaceTime.*

• Coaching call and/or texts throughout the month depending on parental requests

Sessions are created specifically for each child depending on their intuitive gift.

Parents are given insight into their child’s unique gift.

Children’s Intuitive Gift Training requries a one year commitment. Cost is $60 per session.

To learn more, text Toni at 320-522-0813 to schedule your free consultation.


*In-person sessions at Antonine B! Studio upon request.


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