Intuitive Readings

Past . Present . Future

The choices we make on a daily basis create our own reality. A personal Intuitive Reading can help individuals find the answers to their life’s experiences and once discovered, empower them to make more conscious choices creating a new more joyful life.

Sessions may include finding answers to a reoccurring scenerio in a person’s present life, knowledge of the past or information about the future.

Distance Sessions are performed at a convient time when an individual is alone, comfortable and able to concentrate. Sessions generally last for 60+ minutes and may include a guided meditation.

Personal Sessions are performed at Antonine B! Studio and also generally last for 60+ minutes.

All Sessions are confidential and I DO NOT recommend discontinuing any present medical or professional treatment you are receiving.

Distant Sessions are scheduled at a convenient time done via cell, Zoom and Facetime.

In-person Intuitive Readings are performed at Antonine B! Design + Intuitive Wellness Studio in Olivia, MN.

Intuitive Sessions

Distance or in-person 60-90 minutes $200

See appointment times below and text (320) 522-0813 to schedule your time.

Diving Deeper

For those who wish to go deeper into understanding their uniqueness, I offer Past Life Regressions, Point of Origin, and Couples Past Life Regressions to find blocks in personal and partnership decision making.

These services require a commitment of multiple sessions usually 3+. The number of sessions vary and are dependent upon the individual or couple.

I also offer private classes, workshops and on location presentations.

Deeper Sessions are at Antonine B! Studio

Individuals 60-90 minutes $200

Couples 60-90 minutes $300

See appointment times below and text (320) 522-0813 to schedule your time.


(320) 522-0813


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