12-Minute Yoga Practice

Make every day a Yoga day.

I like many people love to do Yoga. However life’s busy schedule doesn’t always allow for a daily 60-90 minute practice unless you make time.

One morning with minimal time to spare, I preformed a 12-minute asana practice. Not only did I feel fully stretched, I was amazed at how much energy and clarity I had throughout the day.

I also found that my body/spirit always knew the perfect asanas for my day ahead. Whenever I had a big presentation and needed to feel confident, my body would request power poses. If I needed an open mind for an important decision, I would get a sense to do flexibility asanas. The days that I needed to juggle business, home and family, balance poses presented themselves.

So, may this 12-Minute Yoga Practice become part of your daily ritual, and Yoga transition into who you “are” not just something you “do”.


12-Minute Yoga Practice

1. Roll out your mat.

2. Set your Cellphone Timer for 12* minutes. Start it.

3. Set your Yoga/Interval Timer app on 1 minute. Start it.

4. Go into Child’s Pose, bring awareness to your breath and place the intent of your practice.

5. When your Yoga/interval timer sounds, ask your body/spirit what asana it desires, listen and ease into the pose.

6. Repeat 11 times asking your body/spirit what asana it needs next.

7. When your cellphone timer sounds, gently stop the app and continue holding the asana position until the Yoga/interval timer sounds, then gently stop that app.

8. Come to a standing position.

9. Bow to the four corners of the Earth in gratitude.

10. Roll up your mat and seize the day.


Note: If you can make time, grab a couple minutes of peaceful Savasana before coming to a standing position.

*Add more time if you have it.


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