12-Minute Yoga Practice

Make every day a Yoga day.

I like many people love to do Yoga. However life’s busy schedule doesn’t always allow for a daily 60-90 minute practice unless you make time.

One morning with minimal time to spare, I preformed a 12-minute asana practice. Not only did I feel fully stretched, I was amazed at how much energy and clarity I had throughout the day.

I also found that my body/spirit always knew the perfect asanas for my day ahead. Whenever I had a big presentation and needed to feel confident, my body would request power poses. If I needed an open mind for an important decision, I would get a sense to do flexibility asanas. The days that I needed to juggle business, home and family, balance poses presented themselves.

So, may this 12-Minute Yoga Practice become part of your daily ritual, and Yoga transition into who you “are” not just something you “do”.


12-Minute Yoga Practice

1. Roll out your mat.

2. Set your Cellphone Timer for 12* minutes. Start it.

3. Set your Yoga/Interval Timer app on 1 minute. Start it.

4. Go into Child’s Pose, bring awareness to your breath and place the intent of your practice.

5. When your Yoga/interval timer sounds, ask your body/spirit what asana it desires, listen and ease into the pose.

6. Repeat 11 times asking your body/spirit what asana it needs next.

7. When your cellphone timer sounds, gently stop the app and continue holding the asana position until the Yoga/interval timer sounds, then gently stop that app.

8. Come to a standing position.

9. Bow to the four corners of the Earth in gratitude.

10. Roll up your mat and seize the day.


Note: If you can make time, grab a couple minutes of peaceful Savasana before coming to a standing position.

*Add more time if you have it.

Note: Antonine (Toni) Baumgartner cannot provide you with all of the answers, speak for the Divine or foresee every aspect of your future. Our lives are shaped by the choices we make every day and clients are responsible for their choices.

Intuitive Readings, Hands-on-Healing including Karuna® Reiki, Crystal Healing, Access Bars® and Point-of-Origin are not meant to substitute for medical, psychological, diagnosis and treatment.


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