5 Minute Office Meditation

Peace and clarity for a stressful day.

During stressful times through out the day, our thoughts can reflect the fear and uncertainty we are encountering. This causes our mind and nervous system to react in heightened arousal that can be followed by fatigue and dis-ease if we let the stress wear on.

Compiled by the Patanjali Maharishi in the Yoga Sutras, Pranayama is the Fourth Limb of Yoga and the regulation or control of the breath. In pranayama practices, we use our breath to cleanse, calm, and strengthen the nervous system, and thus increase our vitality.

A mantra is a technique that helps to take your mind to a quieter, calmer level in meditation. So Hum (pronounced so ham) is the Hindu mantra meaning “I Am That”. In Sanskirt so equals “I AM” and “That” refers to all creation, the one, breathing us all. This natural breath mantra is present in all of us with the sound of “so” during our inhalation and “ham” during exhalation. Bring your awareness to your breath now, and you will hear yours.

(so = “I Am”, hum = “That”)

1. Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed.  An office with the door shut or parked car will do. A comfortable couch is ideal.

2. Set your Cellphone Timer on 5 minutes. Choose a gentle alarm tone, I use Crystals (loud, obnoxious tones ruin the moment).

3. Get into a comfortable position, start your timer and gently close your eyes.

4. Bring your awareness to your breath. Breathing through your nose, take a deep breath filling your lungs with “so”.

5. Exhale “ham” through your nose.

6. Continue until you hear the gentle sound of your alarm.

7. Open your eyes slowly. You are now refreshed and ready to conquer what lies before you.


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