Yin, Yang & Summer Solstice

Antonine B.  06.15.2018

4 Minute Read

As we know, everything in the Universe is energy vibrating at different levels. Energy takes two forms: Yin (female) and Yang (male). These two energies are in a constant state of transformation creating every thing in our Universe. Yin energy represents The Moon, restoration, renewal, creation and birth while Yang energy represents The Sun, action, direction, movement, growth to name a few, .

At 5:07 am CDT on June 21st, Yang energy will be at its strongest.

The June solstice is our signal to celebrate summer in the Northern Hemisphere and winter in the Southern Hemisphere. At 5:07 am CDT on June 21st, Yang energy will be at its strongest. It is a great time to be energetic and to enjoy the early dawn outdoors with a morning cup of coffee or on your Yoga mat practicing a Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation).

At noontime, be aware of your shadow, as it will be your shortest shadow of the year. Then as the sun sets, revel in the beauty of a new season and its call to make changes in your life if you wish.

To begin this new season, here is a powerful Solstice meditation that focuses not only on your Manipura or third Chakra but also what the summer holds for you.


Summer Solstice Past/Present/Future Meditation

1. Find a quiet patch of grass where you can sit either on Mother Earth or on a mat for 15-20 minutes enjoying the sunlight. If you work with stones, crystals or oils, use the ones that resonate with your Manipura.

2. Get in a comfortable position, close your eyes and bring awareness to your breath. As you focus on your breath or pranayama, just observe it. Feel the ebb and flow of your life force. Know that you are powerful and that you are loved.

Imagine yourself releasing them (negative emotions) to the Yang fire of the Summer Solstice.

3. After taking several natural breaths, begin to breathe even deeper sending your breath into your solar plexus or Manipura. With each deep inhale; visualize cleansing sunlight entering your Manipura. With each deep exhale see yourself letting go of any heavy dense negative emotions you’ve been holding on to. Imagine yourself releasing them to the Yang fire of the Summer Solstice. Do this 12 times.

4. Now visualize yourself in the center of an arch. Where you’re standing is your present life, to the right of you is your past; to the left is your future. Breathe, feel the sunlight gently on your face and your feet grounded on the arch’s surface.

5. Take a few moments to reflect on your present life. Look deep within yourself and know that all the choices you’ve made and thoughts you’ve created have brought you to this point on the arch. Smile and reflect at what you have accomplished thus far.

6. Next, imagine yourself turning your head to the right and asking: Who or what do I choose to release and leave behind? What beliefs or programs have I been holding on to no longer fit my life? See yourself gently releasing them/it peacefully.

7. Now visualize yourself turning your head to the left and asking: Who or what do I want to call to me in the summer months ahead? What new opportunities and connections do I choose to experience? What does the future I will create look like? See these things.

8. Ask the Universe to show you the path forward and see yourself crossing over the arch on to it. Smile in gratitude for your future.

Continue breathing in the healing warmth of the summer sun until you feel balanced.

9. After a few moments and become aware of yourself sitting. Feel the Yin energy of Mother Earth grounding you. Now image the Earth’s energy traveling all the way up your Pranic Tube through each Chakra to the crown of your head or Sahasrara. Take a few breaths, sending your breath gently to your crown. Continue breathing in the healing warmth of the summer sun until you feel balanced.

10. In closing, bring your hands to Prayer Pose placing your thumbs upon your heart. In great gratitude, bow to Mother Earth and all that is in the Universe.

 11. Stand up, stretch and enjoy the awesome summer you’ve just created. Be aware as it unfolds before you in the months ahead.