Intuitive Mentorship

Personal . Intuitive . Self Mastery

In shamanic cultures, the word “shaman” has come to mean “the one who sees in the dark” or “the one who knows”.

Many individuals study a multitude of modalities in books and on the internet searching for one that fits. My Shamanic Training is designed for people who want to discover their own unique intuitive gifts, then know how to integrate them into their daily lives to create the life they want. Sessions are created specifically for each individual depending on what direction their intent and journey leads them.

Having mentored for many years in both the Upper Light World and the Lower Shamanic Realms personal sessions may include but not limited to Intuitive Gifts, Seer Studies, Elementals, Chakras, Energy Clearing, Past Life Regression, Point of Origin, Color Healing, Quantum Physics, Manifesting, Zodiac and/or bYou Sensuality.

If you decide to explore your intuitive gifts, start an energy business or integrate your unique gifts in to your career success, let’s work together!

It all starts with an introductory call or video to explore if we would be a good fit working together.

If yes is the answer, your nine month personal mentorship would include:

• A Monthly two hour individual training session via in-person or Zoom

• Personal connection 10-14 days after monthly session via Zoom, FaceTime or cell

Sessions are created specifically for each individual depending on what direction their intent and journey leads them.

Intuitive Mentorship requires a nine month commitment to yourself.

Intuitive Mentorship requires a minimum of a nine month commitment. Cost is only $200 per month. Pay in advance and receive a 5% Discount – $1,710!

Deeper Shamanic Mentorship will depend on the direction you want to take your healing gifts. Intuitive Mentorship is a pre-requisite. Cost is $300 per session.

To learn more about my personal Intuitive Mentorship or deeper Shamanic Mentorship classes, text me at 320-522-0813 to schedule your free consultation.

Sample Classes: Living An Energetic Life
Intuitive Mentorship – Mastering Your Gifts

Discovering Your Intuitive Gifts via the Chakras
Insight in to the Chakra system
Finding your dominant Chakras
Pranayama Chakra clearing

You’re Perfect
Understanding thought and feeling vibration
Raising your personal vibration
Etheric protection
Connecting with your guides

Releasing The Programs
Clearing your subconscious mind
Walking your talk – speaking and living your truth
Owning your power
Deleting should and I don’t know from your life

Sacred Spaces
Pendulum 101
Space and object clearing, charging and blessing
Crystal grids for protection, for love

Manifesting Your Way
Childhood manifesting
Abundance awareness
Flipping the energy of lack to abundance
Manifesting through multiple modalities

The Power of Color
Understanding color vibrations
Healing, sending and clearing space with color
Happy home, healthy bagua

The Elementals
Discovering 12 Elementals
Experiencing the power of each
Tips on honoring the Elementals

Astrology & Zodiacs
Birth, Moon and Rising signs
Understanding houses
Choosing a life partner via the Zodiac
Planetary influences

The Healer’s Path
Energetic practices
Clearing yourself and others
Essential oil distance healing

The Seers Path
Flipping energy
Reading energy and intent
360 compassion

The Shamanic Path
Opening up to the Invisible World
Totem animals, birds and insects
Connecting with your Totem Guides
Shamanic ceremonies

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