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Reiki I, Reiki II, Reiki III & Reiki Master
Body Talk
Romancing The Senses Series
Couples Intimacy

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bYou Sensuality Series

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How sensual are you?
Sensual people relish the world around them. They experience each task rather than just rushing through to get finished and in doing so, they live a more passionate, joyful life.

Five Session Series
Session One •
The Details…Entrance Exam, Releasing Blocks, Pity Party & The Work
Session Two •
Living Sensually…Coming To Your Senses, No Guilt Comfort Food
Session Three
Finding Your Bodies Elemental…Three Piles, Creating A Private Altar
Session Four
Start/Stop…Self-Validation, Your Signatures, Charm & Flirting, Mirror-Mirror
Session Five
The Big Six…Be the Flame, EBS Syndrome, Relationships, Certainty


Pendulum 101

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