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Reiki – meaning “universal life energy” – is a unique touch healing system from Japan. Reiki promotes healing for a wide variety of physical and emotional symptoms by balancing one’s energy and activating the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Reiki believes most illnesses have an emotional component so to free the body of the blockage can move one closer to the health they desire.

Reiki is a powerful integrative therapy that is done in alternative healing centers, hospitals, hospice programs, chemical treatment programs, pain clinics, mental health work and more.

Reiki is a simple yet powerful technique that is taught in four separate levels:

Reiki I • Reiki II • Reiki III • Reiki Master

Call or text Toni B. @ 320-522-0813 for more information or to reserve your spot.

Reiki I Class
Reiki I introduces you to your ability to work with your energy! It awakens a sense of self-empowerment knowing that your palms can be a powerful tool that can be used for healing on so many levels.

In this class you will receive your first Attunement that opens you to the flow of Reiki Energy. This energy can be used for healing on yourself, family, friends, situations, plants or animals. You also will be giving and receiving a Reiki Session at the training.

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Cost $185
All Manuals and Certificates of Completion from Antonine B! Design + Wellness Studio are Included.

Reiki II Class
Reiki II introduces you to three powerful symbols that will bring more focused attention to your Reiki. The first is a Power Symbol that intensifies the energy.

The second symbol, is a Mental/Emotional Symbol that helps to dissolve the blockages in our thoughts and emotions.

The third Distance Symbol will teach you how to send Reiki.

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Cost $225
Prerequisite: Reiki I Class

 Reiki III Class
In the third level Reiki class, you will receive your third Attunement and discover how the symbology of your body relates to your inner life of thoughts, feelings and our past experiences. Our bodies continuously give us messages that help guide us through our lives. Do you worry about money and have lower back issues? Our lower backs are related to or first Chakra which is about our sense of security both financially and physically.

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Cost $295
Prerequisite: Reiki I and Reiki II Classes

Reiki Master Class
This completes the four levels of the Usui Reiki Training. At this level, you learn how to give a Healing Attunement as well as Attunements for each of the four Reiki levels. This will prepare you for a future of teaching this powerful healing modality!

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Cost $500
Prerequisite: Reiki I, Reiki II and Reiki III Classes

Will I need to bring anything?

All manuals and supplies are included in the cost. We will be taking a lunch break so something to eat and drink is recommended.

What should I wear?

Comfortable clothes. A Reiki session is done fully clothed and can last up to an hour.

Do I need to take all of the Reiki Classes now?

No. The level of training is up to the individual. Some people want to learn how to send Reiki to those they love and complete Level II. Others want to become Reiki Masters and use this healing modality in their professions. Everyone is unique.

What type of payments do you take?

Cash, check or PayPal. If using a credit card with PayPal, please add 2.9% for credit card company fees.

Will you be teaching these classes again?

Yes, depending on the interest, possibly in 2020.

How long have you been doing Reiki?

Since 2003 when I completed my first level of the Usui Reiki Tradition.

When did you teach your first Reiki Class?

I became a Reiki Master in 2007 and taught my first class in 2008 after completing the required Reiki practitioner sessions. In 2008 I also trained and became a Karuna® Reiki Master.

What do you like most about Reiki?

Everything. It is a great healing modality that can be sent anywhere to any situation at anytime. The symbols are energetic keys opening to different types of energy. Variations of the Power and Mental/Emotional Symbols have been discovered in the pyramids.


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